Pilkington Park


Wyborn Capital

Brand Identity
Wayfinding Signage

Pilkington Park is a warehousing and distribution hub strategically located in the heart of the Tāmaki Regeneration Precinct in Auckland. The brief was to create a consistent brand identity that spans across a website, stationery, an Information Memorandum for print and digital, custom iconography, signage and various other marketing collateral.

We drew inspiration from the stacking of containers and their geometric nature to craft the logo and branding, reflecting the versatile logistics capabilities of the building and its expanse. To convey a sense of strength and robustness, a heavy typeface was paired with a striking black and yellow colour palette. However, a secondary palette with brighter variants of traditional container colours, was chosen to colour code parts of the architecture and wayfinding signage so that truck drivers, employees and visitors can navigate around the site without confusion.

The digital IM document includes eight different site plans that showcase various areas. The custom iconography is stocky, geometric and used to highlight Pilkington Park’s key features and advantageous location to other distribution centres.

We engaged with renowned digital design studio, Studio Almond, to design and build the website. We handed over the brand guidelines, assets and other collateral to guide the look and feel, and bring the identity to life online.